On the hunt for high waisted jeans at Gap Queen West

This week, Ivana and Kira hit Gap Queen West to discuss important issues with shoppers: Cute boys, high-waisted jeans and soon-to-be warm weather ūüôā

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1. Asia Clarke
What Asia was checking out at Gap: Wide leg bottom jeans, $79.50
Style Icon: Solange
Right now, she can’t get enough of:¬†Twin Shadow
Why she shops at Gap Queen West: “It’s right across the street from where I work!”
A Gap moment from history: “When I was younger my mom bought me a Gap sweater, with just Gap across it and I wore it all the time.”
Most excited for this Spring: “Not wearing a jacket!”¬†¬†

2. Sel
What Sel was checking out at Gap: Cream coloured gladiator wedges, $89.95
Style Icon: Iman
Favourite Movie: A Clockwork Orange
What keeps her coming back: “I like to experiment with Gap.”
Most Excited for this Spring: “Warm weather and cute boys on the street.”¬†¬†

3. Annie
What Annie was shopping for: High-waisted jeans and pants.
Style Icon: “My grandfather.”
Favourite Movie: Annie Hall
What brings her to Gap Queen Street: “I live in the area and it’s really close by.”
Annie’s staple Gap item:¬†Basic white tank top.
Most Excited for this Spring: “Warm weather!”

4. Leiko
How Leiko describes her style: “Simple and comfortable.”
Favourite Movie: A League of their Own
Staple Gap items she loves: Plain t-shirts and cardigans.
Most excited for this Spring: “Shoes!”

Photos by Kira Crugnale, @kiraunfun
Interviews by Ivana Markotic, @ivana_write 

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