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Q: What’s your dream date? And what kind of girl do you like?
– Ashley, 15, Akron NY

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: I would probably take her for burgers and to a football game. Any girl I date would have to meet my dad. Heck, we might even bring him along! My dad loves burgers and football. I miss him a lot.

Devon Sawa: I’d take her on a ferris wheel and give her a kiss at the top. Relax, guys, just on the cheek! And she’d have to be a fan, because I love my fans more than anyone. And I love giving my fans teddy bears. Ashley, call me!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: I would probably take her to the set of Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Any girl I date needs to believe that we’re still the hottest show on television, no matter what Variety says.

Elijah Wood: I would probably take her to a woodland forest and we’d dance all night in the mists, and then in the morning we’d meet up with my good friend Bjork in a meadow and eat wild berries and sing to the trees. I’m open to any kind of girl as long as she loves whimsy and soft lighting.

Edward Furlong: Whaaa? [soft sound of snoring]

Jonathan Brandis: I would probably take her to the Great Wall of China, because who even knows how much time we have left? We don’t live forever, you know.

Leo DiCaprio: I’d probably rent a town car and have my driver take us over to Charlie Sheen’s house. He lets me party there sometimes. I like a girl who knows how to party and who can hang out with my crew.

Luke Perry: Nothing like a good old fashioned malted milkshake and a trip to the drive-in movies in my classic Mustang. I hope Grease is playing! She needs to be sweet and blonde and preferably Australian.

Rider Strong: My favourite date is a movie – definitely an action flick – and Chinese food afterwards. Also, Ben Savage is over right now, and he wants me to tell you his favourite date is what I said, but in his case it’s a double date with me and my girlfriend. Shut up, I don’t have a girlfriend! No, you stop hitting yourself! [sound of phone dropping to the floor]

Jared Leto: I’d probably take her down to the lake with a guitar and sing a song I wrote for her, then we’d go see a concert of one of the many, many bands I’m friends with, or like, go back to my house and listen to some tapes I’ve made in my home studio. I’m really into music so any girl I date has to love being serenaded.

Joey Lawrence: I would probably send a car to pick her up and drive in the secret back entrance of the Lawrence compound, just to keep the paparazzi off our trail. Then I’d have my chef cook her a homemade dinner and I would snuggle her up, because there’s nothing my love can’t fix…you got me? [turns hat around backwards] Don’t ask me who or if I’m dating – I won’t even go there. All of my dates sign non-disclosure agreements.

Can you please tell us your favourite colour, please?
Heather, 14, Ottawa, ON

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Blue, like a blue-gray? Like my dad’s eyes. Sometimes I worry I’m starting to forget if they were gray-blue or blue-gray. But I have a dossier of photos from the private detectives I’ve hired to find him. Blue-gray, definitely.

Edward Furlong: Sorry about before, they just poured some black coffee into me. What’s my favourite color? China white, baby!

Devon Sawa: My favourite colour is whatever my fans’ favourite colours are! I love my fans! I’d like to buy them all a teddy bear in their favourite colour and a dress to match! Heather, I appreciate you spell colour the Canadian way, as I’m also a Canadian, and I love my Canadian fans the most (along with all my other fans who I also love the most).

Elijah Wood: In space, there are no colors. So I choose the color of space.

Jonathan Brandis: The color of the sunset. Who knows how many more any of us have left, really?

Leo DiCaprio: Pink. Hehehehehehehehehe.

Luke Perry: Cherry red just like my vintage Mustang and a pretty girl’s lipstick. Only if she’s over 18 though, because make up and Luke Perry are for grown ladies, not little girls. My handlers insist on it.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: My favourite color is blue because that’s what Zach likes. I signed a contract to that effect somewhere during season 2 of SBTB.

Rider Strong: [muffled whispers] Is plaid a color? Ben says it isn’t but I’m not sure…HEY! Hold on. Ben just ripped off my tearaway pants. I gotta go get them back before he throws them in the pool! [sound of phone hitting the floor]

Jared Leto: I like the color of my cherry wood acoustic guitar. I’m not sure what that color is called, maybe like burnt umber? It reminds me of how the music I make is more beautiful than any color.

Joey Lawrence: I can afford to like all the colors. I have my favourite sneakers in 25 colors (26 when the new ones come out in Asia next month). So, all the colors. Discrimination is for chumps. [crosses arms]

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