ArtWorxTO projects have been popping up all over the city, inviting Torontonians to engage with public art. Dis/Play is the latest one that has caught our attention.

Created by Ophira Calof, in partnership with the Reelabilities Film Festival, Dis/Play is a free exhibit featuring 50 disabled artists and their stories. which will be projected onto three totally different buildings (Walmer Road Baptist Church (in partnership with TAS), Artscape Wychwood Barns, and Miles Nadal JCC in Toronto).  Each artist was asked to respond to the question how do you want to be seen?

“With COVID-19 affecting all facets of day to day life, the disability community had all but disappeared from public spaces, discourse, and policy decisions,” said Ophira Calof. “This erasure inspired Dis/Play, a project that shines a literal light on over 50 disabled creatives telling their own stories.”

A press release announcing the show shared how “accessibility is far too often an afterthought to all parts of society, including the arts.” Dis/Play puts the conversation front and centre. Positioned in highly trafficked areas around the city, Dis/Play is unignorable and inspires a much-needed pause for reflection. 

Dis/Play runs from November 12 – 27. More details on the ArtWorxTO site.