New to Elmwood Spa, the Oxygen Treatments add extra rejuvenating health benefits to traditional spa services. Okay, what the hell does that mean?  Essentially, the O2 facial is everything you would normally receive in a facial, but along with cleansing, massage and exfoliation, the aesthetician will also take a magic wand that blows fast oxygen into your tired, clogged pores. This feel-good technique gives skin a beautiful glow and is a great option for when you want immediate results for say, a wedding or high school reunion.

The O2 massage brings spa guests all the relaxation of a regular massage with the added benefit of oxygen inhalation, to detoxify the body’s impurities. What this means is that you will lie on your back with a tube that clips to your nose for deep breathing. Beyond a muscle rub down, the O2 forces you to sort of meditate with slow inhale-exhales.

Since most of my summer is spent biking through congested traffic or construction mess (DUNDAS, I HATE YOU!) I really appreciate the extra O2 and think of it as an intense surge of health for my skin. Like a vitamin injection or something. I NEED MORE OXYGEN!

But perhaps what I love most about the Elmwood Spa is that by booking a body treatment, facial or massage you also receive complimentary access to the Water Therapies. Whirlpool, steam room, sauna, pool and resting lounge: Make an afternoon of it and order up a fresh fruit smoothie or light lunch, spa baby.

Ahhh yes, we’d be happy to roam the Elmwood in our robe, a cup of serenity tea in hand, FOREVER! Just loop that didgeridoo spa trance music, remove all the clocks and we’ll never leave. NEVER!! Mwah-ha-ha. Spa trolls.

50 min O2 Facial is $130
50 min 02 Massage is $130

Elmwood Spa is located at 18 Elm St (East of Bay, North of Dundas)

To book an appointment call 416-977-6751

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