Whether you’re trying to plan the BEST BRIDAL SHOWER EVER, or just need a night of uproarious laughter, She The People is a best bet for a good time.

We cannot think of another performance that made us laugh this much in YEARS! Smart, daring, poignant, wacky, hilarious: Second City’s She The People has flipped some of modern day society’s most enraging issues into one hundred minutes of comedy gold. You gotta see it, and we’ve made it easier to do so.

Use promo code SDTC to score 20% off regular admission. For those of you who have yet to visit the magic that is Second City theatre, know that beyond the show, there’s a full food + drinks menu.

Bring your mother, your lover, your soccer team, your office crew, your recovery circle, and get ready for a side-splitting show that will undoubtedly have you re-examining moments in your own life with a fresh (and funny!) perspective.

She The People runs until November 25 at Second City (Toronto Mainstage Theatre). Use promo code SDTC for a 20% discount. Don’t miss out!