1. World’s Coolest Dad Travel Mug
What do you get a self-proclaimed “cool dad”? A doting travel mug, of course.
$29 @ Cafe Press

2. 16GB Apple iPad 2
For keeping up appearances with the kids.
$498.99 @ Future Shop

3. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
Since he’s already memorized all the dance moves to High School Musical, Glee seems like a natural progression.
$10 @ HMV

4. Denim & Supply (Ralph Lauren) Henry Plaid Lined Shirt
Mr. Dunphy likes his dress shirts, particularly in plaid. How hip.
$49.99 @ The Bay

5. “Scary Clowns”
This pop-up book aims to relieve coulrophobes (like Phil) of their fear of “grotesquely made-up men wearing overly large trousers, huge shoes, and a red nose.”
$19.95 @ Chapters/Indigo

6. Toronto Raptors Tickets|
Phil’s 11 year-old son ain’t got nothing on his dad when it comes to a game of basketball. We wonder how our Toronto boys would fare.
$12.50 and up @ Ticketmaster

7. Portland General Store Products
A man as confident as Mr. Dunphy would appreciate any of the all-natural manly scents and products offered by Portland General Store.
various prices @ Jacob & Sebastian

8. Victorinox Swiss Army Slim 8GB
Pocket knives became cool thanks to Swiss Army. Now, the company has moved onto flash drives, something a tech geek like Phil will obviously appreciate.
$64 @ Victorinox Swiss Army

~ Caitlyn Holroyd