Oh, what a wonderful night! Hundreds of Shedoesthcity readers gathered at Aritzia on Bloor Street to celebrate two great loves: exciting spring fashion and beautiful cinema. 

For the first part of the evening, we tried on floral blazers, sipped David’s Tea, enjoyed Earl Grey frosted cupcakes, and bopped around to mod tunes as we drooled over Aritzia’s new spring collection. As the weather (finally) starts to warm up and we can shed out winter layers, we can’t wait to strut the city in pretty pastels and bursts of bright. Just imagine yourself on a gorgeous sunny day, tea in hand, wearing Musee Shorts in soft pink and a Jordan Jacket in bright yellow! Ah, spring.

After our spring shopping blitz, we darted across the street to fill the Varsity theatre for a special advance screening of Ginger & Rosa. As predicted, Sally Potter’s latest masterpiece, starring the brilliant Elle Fanning and newcomer (not for long!) Alice Englert, is a stylistically beautiful and thought-provoking film that challenged us to think about everything from the Cold War era to the complexity of a young girl’s first major friendship. 

The movie left us wanting more, so we were honoured to be able to have an intimate Q&A with award-winning filmmaker Sally Potter directly following the screening. We asked her about everything from the logistics of filming to her connection with the Ginger & Rosa‘s characters, and her answers were thoughtful and sincere.

It was an evening of inspiration and creativity on all fronts. Thank you to Aritzia, Union Pictures, Evian, and David’s Tea for an unforgettable event! And thanks to all of you who made it out to join in the fun. Let’s do this again, okay?

GINGER & ROSA IN THEATRES MARCH 29TH. Watch the trailer now.