New Years resolutions NEVER work, amiright?

Kellogg’s Special K agrees, and this holiday season, they’re doing something about it! If you’re putting pressure on yourself to learn 25 new languages or win an Ironman, STOP RIGHT NOW! It’s time to focus on all that’s positive without being so darn hard on ourselves. New Years Resolutions tend to focus mostly on correction and inadequacy. So instead of setting ridiculous and stressful goals, we’re ringing in the New Year with a promise to be confident and positive. We want to be bold and adventurous; we want to ENJOY every minute of every new experience!

We gathered some of our favourite girls for a night of snacks, laughter and a very important personal growth workshop (learning to PROPERLY walk in heels) taught by Toronto’s favourite drag queen, Miss Daytona Bitch.

Aaaand we also hosted a very special guest, Nia Vardalos, the star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Connie and Carla! It was wonderful and surreal to see the funny lady walk though the doors of Toronto’s School of Burlesque to party with us. We took loads of photos (and even attempted a classic Ellen selfie). She judged a walk off and even gave us very valuable pointers for taking good selfies. We LOVED her.

Throughout the evening, we built up quite an appetite and munched on Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bars (the Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate flavours are AMAZE). We also enjoyed Special K Protein Shakes, which helped keep the energy up so we could dance and strut the night away.

At the end of the night, everybody took home a swag bag loaded with lots of goodies we simply adore! So much fun…can we do it again next week?

Join the #2015Revolution on social media! Between Dec 5th and Jan 30th every Canadian who shares their goal using the hashtag, or on the Kellogg Canada Facebook Page, will be entered to win one of three $1,000 prizes.

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