Do machines scare you? Do you think that at AGO Massive 2027, you will be dancing with a machine? Are we already machines?

Last week’s AGO bash wasn’t just Toronto’s biggest art party, it was also a moment where many of us experienced an existential crisis – or at least posed some deep philosophical questions while taking in machine-inspired performance art. Whether or not we left with ominous feelings about the future (or the present for that matter), the annual fundraiser left us yet again with lots to consider.

To honour the theme of Machine Age, guests came dressed in all kinds of fashions. Many of us wore various shades of metallic on our bodies and faces. Some made a statement by stamping a barcode on the back of their neck. While some outfits looked like entries for a Grade 7 science fair, others did a fine job of blending haute couture with technological advancement. And, of course, there were those who just came as themselves, which is totally okay too. When it comes to an art party, interpretation is encouraged and anything goes.

Visiting the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at midnight was special, but what we love about AGO Massive is that it always affords us a night of exploring, and that physical exploration inevitably leads us to an equally fascinating journey in our mind.

The best part for me was when my machine died (iPhone battery), and for a brief moment, I remembered what being human at a party is really like.