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PHOTOS: Grey Gardens Musical Opening Night at Berkeley Street Theatre

Acting Up Stage’s production of the Tony award-winning Grey Gardens is nothing short of brilliant. Lisa Horner, who plays both Big Edie in the 1940s (the golden era) and Little Edie in the 1970s (surrounded by cats and garbage), is already generating big buzz. “[She] deserves all the awards for her performance as both a controlling socialite mother and her frustrated daughter,” says NOW Magazine‘s Glenn Sumi.

For opening night, we asked Kealan Sullivan of 69 Vintage to bring a rack of fabulous ‘Edie Chic’ fashion for guests to try on. As you can tell from the photos below, we had just a little bit of fun (BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES) layering oversized floppy hats, heavy furs, and scarves upon scarves upon scarves. “Mix and match and P-R-E-S-T-O, you’ve got a fashion manifesto!” Little Edie sings. When it comes to style, we don’t think truer words have ever been spoken. Or, in this case, sung with gusto and zeal.

We laughed (loudly), nearly cried, and enjoyed the zany song and dance performances up and down the grand staircase. As eccentric as the riches-to-rags Beale women are, we can’t help but recognize bits of ourselves in them, which is something to celebrate and fear.

Grey Gardens runs at Berkeley Street Theatre until March 6th. Take your mom or your quirky best friend, and step into the bizarre world of the Edie women, who have fascinated millions since the debut of the original Grey Gardens documentary, forty years ago. Buy your tickets now, and share your experience with #GreyGardensTO. 

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