YASSSSSS! This is goth-pretty done right. Mixing shades of pinky cream with UNCUFFED leather chokers and harnesses, this fall collection from HELDER DIEGO merges street punk with fairy goddess in a way that is so complementary, it’s as if the paradoxical aesthetics were always meant to be together. Elegant, strong, with a hint of sex. (Not sexy, S-E-X.)

Marching out to Garbage, styled with Doc Martens and ripped stockings, the collection was a refined take on 90s grunge. We especially loved the sheer turtlenecks layered underneath dresses.

We’re so proud of Shedoesthecity’s Olga Barsky who managed the baffling feat of launching UNCUFFED this past fall and showing at Toronto Fashion Week less than six months later! Her badass chokers and leather straps bring the edge to HELDER DIEGO’s striking collection.

Harnesses and chokers seen in Toronto Fashion Week are available in the UNCUFFED web shop RIGHT NOW.