Toronto Public Library has just wrapped up Canadian Library Month, and it was one hell of a month! On October 21, New Collection hosted “Hush Hush: One Night. No Boundaries.” (New Collection is TPL’s under-45 program that offers exclusive access to Toronto’s vibrant literary scene. If you haven’t joined already, you SHOULD!) Hush Hush was their fifth annual fundraiser and took place at the historic Bloor/Gladstone branch.

This year’s Party in the Stacks theme was pure Canadiana. From classic Toronto fare (including catering from Food Dudes, Drake Catering, Thoroughbred and Oyster XO) to virtual reality experiences exploring Canada’s natural landscapes, attendees were invited to let their imaginations run wild while revelling in Canadian content, both the literal and the abstract.

Funds raised at Hush Hush support important digital innovation programs at TPL and ensure all Torontonians have equal access to its cutting-edge technology.

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