Today, thousands of Torontonians from diverse backgrounds came together outside the US Consulate to let it be known that WE DO NOT ACCEPT RACISM, that WE WELCOME REFUGEES, and that HATE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Our hearts are heavy for Muslims murdered in Quebec City last night, and for Muslims everywhere who are being unjustly persecuted by Trump’s travel ban. We are living in frightening times and if you are feeling like I am, you may be spinning, unsure of what to do to help.

First things first: that spinning feeling, that feeling of being overwhelmed and scared, is what the new US administration wants you to feel. So anchor yourself, look high and low, and do not let them shake you. Secondly, there are a few things you can do, and even though your efforts may feel futile, they count.

  1. Speak up when you see racism, be it in the streets, at a protest, at your place of work, or in your own backyard.
  1. Donate to organizations like ACLU and Border Angels. Here’s a great list that Jezebel compiled.
  1. Write a letter to your MP expressing your concerns. If you aren’t sure who your local MP is, enter your postal code here.
  1. Help recent Syrian immigrants in Toronto by volunteering your time with The Together Project.
  1. Support media outlets that are doing a good job. We need to ensure there is freedom of the press so we can be aware of what the White House administration is doing, versus what they want us to think they’re doing. Two media outlets we recommend are The Washington Post and Mother Jones.

We must stand together and keep working towards a more just society. We will keep fighting.