Rihanna’s new vid courts controversy – Rihanna put out her ” latest music video for S&M this past week hoping to stir the conservative pot with racy imagery. Oooh, scandalous. She probably wasn’t counting on cries of plagiarism as several people have been quick to point out the similarities between the video and the photographer David LaChappelle’s work. One of the finger pointers is Perez Hiltonwho is actually featured in the video. Whoopsie. LaChappelle directed her Disturbia video so the two know each other. Awkward.
Faith – Well I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body. I know not everybody has got a body like you. I totally have faith in George Michael and I’ve been rewarded. The new remastered edition of the seminal album is out now. Seminal people.
Puppy Lingerie Bowl – More Super Bowl related Pop that has nothing to do with the actual Super Bowl? Yup. I still don’t know who played. Or won. But some genius working over at Team Coco decided to combine the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl VII with the cable Lingerie Bowl and the result is this confusing cuteness.
Never say Never – Bieber Fever has officially reached a fever pitch. He is frakkin everywhere. On our nails, switching bodies with Jon Stewart, teaching Regis and Kelly how to Dougie, doing the Top10 on Letterman and causing riots at the Toronto premiere of his movie Never Say Never. Here’s the Pimp trailer featuring the Situation.
Justified returns – For those of us more into salt and pepper at the temples that the trademarked Bieber hairdo, Timothy Olyphant and Justified are back on Tuesday nights starting this week. The first season was critically acclaimed. Or you could just go in for the dashing leading man thing. “Olyphant stars as the tough, sexy, southern-bred but soft-spoken federal lawman, enforcing his own brand of at-times extralegal justice”. Hear that? Tough but sexy. Extralegal. It’s juicy.

~Zoe Shapiro