Pop Kult, the pop/disco dance party put on by Toronto favourites Mansion, turned one year old last Friday, and it was one for the books—or at least the photo albums.

 “It was the best Pop Kult we’ve ever thrown,” says Nancy Chen, one fourth of the Mansion team. “People were having such a great time, and that’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to keep improving and surprising everyone.”

The one year anniversary was celebrated with the beats of New Jersey’s Mike Simonetti, Toronto’s Brandon Sek, and Famou$ Players, also from Toronto. The Gladstone Hotel ballroom was packed with people dancing, drinking, laughing, and, um, stumbling.

 The party, which happens once a month at the Gladstone Hotel, is known for its upbeat music, its beautiful people, and, perhaps most of all, its photo booth. A friend’s idea (and one that Mansion wasn’t immediately sold on), the photo booth that they set up each time has become a main attraction at the event. “At first we had our doubts,” says Chen. “But after trying it for the first time there was no going back. Everyone had so much fun with it.” For the anniversary, they set up a trunk full of funny props that people could take their picture with fuzzy boas, straw hats, pirate hats, you name it.

 Chen credits Pop Kult’s lasting power to its lighthearted, happy atmosphere. “Our focus on music, the fact that it’s so different than our other events, and our heavy emphasis on keeping things fun and playful certainly helps [keep it alive],” she says.

 For Thomas Masmejean, another quarter of the Mansion crew (the other two being Konrad Droeske and Matt Eckensweiler), the party’s unique presentation is what maintains its popularity. “The Gladstone Hotel paired with funky house music gives this party a vibe I can’t really find anywhere else in the city,” he says.

 But, like every Mansion party, Pop Kult will continue to evolve; the foursome knows they can always find ways to be more creative and more inventive, surprising their followers and continuing to grow as a company.

 “We’ve been brainstorming a number of possibilities [for the future of Pop Kult], some of which include more live performances, food, as well as fashion and visual art,” Chen says. “We’re going to leave it a bit of a mystery for now, but you can count on Pop Kult to keep getting bigger and develop more character with each month.”

 Until then, Mansion can rest easy knowing they delivered a great anniversary for their one-year-old baby.

 “I am really thankful for everyone who came out to the anniversary party,” says Masmejean. “It was definitely the craziest Pop Kult yet.”

 ~ Sara Harowitz, photos of Sara and pals by Luis Mora courtesy of Pop Kult