Dear Pop Lobster,
The world is devoid of good, old fashioned dance parties. We all love nights of electro that make your cheekbones hurt, and genre-specific, outfit-influencing evenings have their place, but once in a while you just want to get drunk and dance silly to songs with everyone singing the words. And that’s why we love you. It’s a new romance, I mean, we only met last Friday. And we’ll admit it-we’d been drinking. But once your shiny lazer beams shone in our eyes, there was no turning back. With your cunning blend of pop songs old and new, underground and gotten-around, we’re smitten. We know you’ve got options-hell, those were some good looking folks on Teranga’s dance floor. But won’t you be ours? That friendly embrace from the bouncer at the end of the night was so hard to read. It seemed like you liked us, but maybe the fog machine was just clouding our eyes. You’re playing your claws awfully close to the vest. Just give us one more night, and we swear, you’ll be glad you did.

Yours with love,
She Does The City!/poplobster