1. The Hungover Cookbook
The perfect fix for the royal boy’s hangover mornings in LA with gorgeous blonde girls, so they don’t have to call in sick for work.
$10.00 @ Urban Outfitters

2. Get Your S**t Together Flask: Sincerely, the Queen. 
We don’t mind if you party with us Prince Harry, we filled it with your favourite rum.
$18.00 @ Urban Outfitters

3. Gary Barlow CD
The Prince absolutely loves this fella so much that he had to throw a bottle of piss at him. Prince Harry, please don’t piss on this.
$10.95 @ www.amazon.com

4. Norwich Crown
Poor Harry is third in line for the throne. Might as well play dress up.
$240.00 www.hollyhardwick.com

5. Quantum Riveting Reds Shampoo
Who doesn’t love that ginger hair? Enhancing and conditioning to have our best looking Harry.
$7.29 at Sally’s Beauty Supply

6. Regal Purple Pashmina
 Royal and cashmere. Little H is in need of a pashmina for the winter season ahead. It could even come in handy for camouflaging purposes.
$27.40 on www.pashminainternational.com

7. Diamond Pimp Cane
 No doubt the boy has got a little P.I.M.P game going. Spotted with Florence, Pippa and Chelsy within months difference? 50 Cent would be proud.
$10.84 on www.amazon.com

8. Call of Duty MW3
A recreational treat for the Prince after eight weeks of army exercise in the US.
$59.99 at Best Buy

~ Nilou Yekta