There must be something magical that happens when loud music is played close to water, because nothing sounds better in the summer than partying by the beach. Promise Party happens every Sunday during summer months at Cherry Beach, and it’s 9th year is underway. Thankfully a no-douchey-behaviour code of ethics has kept this party safe, fun and filled with good vibes all around. A different path from the typical patio or house party, it’s like you’ve left the city without the plane ticket. Expect families, ravers and everything in between, and cheeseburgers sold from people’s hibachis.

A $5 donation is expected at the door and a few guidelines are asked, like no glass bottles and friendly dogs only. I certainly don’t want to party with a mean dog. The beach hang-out sesh starts in the afternoon and ends at 11pm. Cherry Beach is TTC accessible and there’s a parking lot close by as well. And of course you can hop on your bike and go for a lovely ride down there. There are only a few left this summer (gasp) so enjoy Toronto’s waterfront while you can!

Follow David Macleod and Irving Shaw, founders of Promise Party, on Twitter for info and updates @CherryBeach!/cherrybeach.

~ Becca Lemire