Queer as F*@k provides a much-needed space for LGBTQ voices in comedy

Picture a stand up comedian.

Did you picture a white guy in a beard with skinny jeans and a plaid shirt? No? Oh, sorry, a white guy in skinny jeans, a T-shirt and glasses? FINE. The point is, most mainstream comedy out there comes from a place of heteronormativity and is presented from a male, cis-gender POV. There’s nothing wrong with a white guy in skinny jeans, but when was the last time you saw comedy from the perspective of a trans man or queer woman? Maybe you never have!

Which is why we think the Queer as Fuck series is so great. A bi-weekly (hee hee) comedy show for LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ-friendly performers, Catherine McCormick‘s mix of curated performers and try-your-luck open mic offerings is the city’s only comedy show designed to highlight comedy from these too often-ignored voices. Show are pay-what-you-can, making them easy on your post-holidays wallet, and the line ups are routinely STACKED.

So, what’s on this month?

January 15, 2014Stand up from Ian Lynch (MTV Canada,LOGO USA & Much Music), Paul Hutcheson (Homo Night in Canada), Robby Hoffman (Just For Laughs), Kris Siddiqi (Second City Mainstage, MTV Canada), Clifford Myers and Daniela Saioni (West End Girls), and more. Hosted by Catherine McCormick

January 29, 2014: Characters, Sketches and Stories (Oh My!) – Our favorite LGBTQ+ character monologues, sketch groups, storytellers, and musical comedy acts under one roof! If it ain’t stand up, it’s on! Featuring Marco Bernardi (Storyteller), Danz Altvater (Character), Mullets and Mom Jeans (Comedy Rap Group), Haus of Bot (Sketch Group), Candice Gregoris (Character), Brian Finch (Storyteller), The Ellens (Sketch Group) and more! Hosted by Catherine McCormick

Shows start at 9:30, every two weeks at The Steady (1051 Bloor Street West).

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