Reduce Kitchen Waste and Freshen up your Spring Garden by Joining Compost Montreal

A Ziploc bag containing vegetable odds and ends has been filling rapidly in the door of my freezer for the last few months. In a feeble attempt to reduce kitchen waste, my roommate and I intended to save our organic leftovers and eventually brew a huge pot of soup; however, the only thing our bag of veggie peels has done is cause confusion among friends who seek ice cubes, and alas, find rotten broccoli stems instead.

While Toronto, Ottawa and the entire province of Prince Edward Island introduced city-wide composting years ago, Montreal still does not have island-wide civic compost collection in place, despite numerous other green initiatives across the city.

Well, Compost Montreal is getting the show on the road. Since 2007, this small group of entrepreneurs have provided eco-conscious Montreal residents with weekly compost pick-up, for a mere $5 per week plus tax (with a minimum one month of service, or, $60 for an entire 13-week season membership). Lined with a cornstarch compostable bag, sturdy compost buckets are given to each compost participant, in to which all fruit cores, bread crusts, coffee grounds, paper towels (really?) and dead leaves can be tossed. One evening per week, composters simply place their buckets outside for collection, and Compost Montreal will come to your porch, empty the contents of the bucket and replace your cornstarch bag. At the end of the season (typically in the spring), all participants are delivered fresh, finished compost for lawns, gardens and potted plants. Awesome sauce.

Unsure which types of waste can be composted? Compost Montreal provides a great beginners guide.

To join the program, contact Compost Montreal directly at 514-690-5773, or info@compostmontreal.com.

~Tyler Yank

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