Reebok Trainer Julie Marsland shows us how to get the most out of our workout with EasyTone 

Whether fitness is a part of your daily routine, or something you’ve been trying to concentrate on more this year, the right tools and tips are the best way to make sure you’re making the most of getting active. Luckily, Reebok has you covered. Literally. Their new line of EasyTone apparel will kick your regular routine up a notch, with smart apparel that encourages muscles to work a little harder with every rep, step, kick, and lunge. So whether it’s walking the dog, doing the groceries, or sweating it out on the treadmill, you’re getting the most out of it. The clothes feel and look great, perfect for making the transition from gym to office. 

We spoke with Reebok trainer and fitness model Julie Marsland about the new line, and how to make the most of your healthy lifestyle, and she let us make a little video demonstrating some moves you can do, even at home, in your EasyTone! 

SDTC: Tell us about EasyTone
Julie Marsland: The Easytone apparel is meant to tone and help firm up your body. So we have everything from shoes to pants to tops. The clothing has a technology called Resistone. You have some fabric that’s a little more extensible, and you have fabric that’s a little more rigid, and what that does is create resistance, having you work your muscles a little bit harder. As soon as you put the top on, you feel your shoulders get pulled back. The pants, all thorughout the glutes and the thighs, have the technology that creates a little more resistance. It’s just a little added bang for your buck. We have balance ball inspired technology in the shoes. We have EasyTone, which is meant for walking, TrainTone, more appropriate for the gym, and RunTone, which gives you more of that sensation of running in sand. 

SDTC: What are some easy ways to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine? 
JM: Something as simple as wearing the shoes to go do your groceries, run your errands. Walking the dog: make it a little bit more fun. Bring a frisbee, play around a little bit. If you are walking the dog, maybe run for a minute and walk for a minute. We’re always so busy, and we’ve got active lifestyles and families, so try to incorporate activities with the kids, too. We always send our kids off swimming, and skating, and we don’t participate with them. Get out there! It’s just making a conscious decision when you leave the house that ‘I’m going to do everything I can to just be that much more active.’ Even at the office, if you can, sit on a big stability ball. You’re going to be sitting, why not choose an unsteady surface and work your stabilizers a little? 

SDTC: What are some nutrition tips? 
JM: Watch out for sugars. Fruit juices, I recommend not to drink any. If anything, eat fruit instead, and that way you get a little more fibre in your diet. Just sticking to natural products, whole grain products, healthy fats. I always say, if the lord put it on this earth, that’s what’s meant to be consumed. As soon as you start getting into the granola bars, and the chips, anything that’s been fabricated, you might want to steer away from it. 

Check out Julie demonstrating some at-home stretches you can do in your Reebok EasyTone! 


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