RiFF RAFF and I have a long and storied past, should you want to know. It feels like this winter is literally never going to end, so when I heard he was coming to the Hoxton, I thought some raps and neon would cheer me up.

The crowd (filled with Spring Breakers-esque outfits, hello DIY balaclava girls, rock on) had time to get rowdy before RiFF and his crew took to the stage. Seems like he’s been working on his dance moves, and I likey!

Toronto hip hop drummer Emerson Tavares joined RiFF RAFF onstage for several songs. At one point a group of well-dressed guys approached the front of the stage. RiFF RAFF announced them as part of team OVO and TOPSZN; they came to bring RiFF RAFF a gift of Bart Simpson socks, to match his shirt.

After the show me and a bunch of fanboys from Buffalo lined up to meet Kokayne Dawkinz aka the Real Boy himself, RiFF RAFF. And these were no regular fanboys. They schooled me on what being a real RiFF RAFF fan was all about: wearing official Jody Husky ViP slippers that get you free entry plus VIP meet-and-greet access to all RiFF RAFF shows for life.