Photos by Lynsie Roberts

As predicted, the Rita Liefhebber show brought every Queen West fashion babe, and their oversized scarf, to Ossington’s biggest fashion tease, Jonathan + Olivia. I call it that because I have gone in their soooo many times and wanted EVERYTHING and then I see the price tag and it’s, like, $600, so I pet the store pug and leave. This is also the home of the Topshop pop-up (Would you call it that? Maybe the test out Topshop or Topshop within a shop) but those threads are best suited to size 0 twenty-one year olds. Someday, I will buy something from J&O, and it will most likely by Rita Liefhebber because beyond the fact that I seriously dig her style, it’s also more affordable than most items on the racks.

Rita’s fall 2011 collection was a lot of earth tone shirt dresses with ink-dipped shoulders or tie-dye clouds.  The look and feel projected a sort of, “I just rolled out of king size bed in some art studio, I couldn’t find my clothes so I put on this and now it’s the only thing I want to wear.” Pair that with, what I incorrectly deem, skinny witch booties, long unbrushed hair and a dab of noticeable rouge and you are instantly a model from Moscow who writes poetry, is known for gifting origami cranes to strangers (sooo cute!!) and prefers to make breakfast wearing just underwear. So what we are saying is that we LOVE IT! We love Rita! Ra-ra-shish-boom-bah, Liefhebbbbber….YES!

Now go check out at Jonathan + Olivia.
49 Ossington Ave.