Business Woman’s Special is the kind of party that has you grinding the wall, cozying up to sparkly Drag Queens, and waking up the next morning to the stench of whiskey across your chest. The kind of party every woman in a power suit secretly wants to be at – or IS at – after the work week ends.

It’s been a year since girl-about-town April Wozny and partner Mike Yerxa threw the first of their monthly queer dance parties at Augusta House and to celebrate, they’ll be hosting the ultimate b-day bash this Saturday. We got the scoop.

Where did that name come from?
AW: Watch here.
MY: The name came from the best joke in the film Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

Who goes to this night?
AW: Anyone. All the people who want to sparkle – gays, lesbians, trans-everything, hags, even straight dudes. It’s a queer night that everyone can come to, sweat their face off but can still have an audible conversation over on a velvety couch. Feel good love fest.
MY: All walks of life. The party is queer but a little bit of everything shows up.

When you think of the term, Business Woman – who or what comes to mind?
AW: Celine Dion in a power suit stomping on a pair of nuts with her stilettos.
MY: Powerful women who need to let loose on a weekend at a party like ours.

What kind of crazy shit can we expect for the one year?
AW: FREE SHOTS for the first 50 people. It’s a birthday party! Cake, balloons, dance offs, humps’n’hugs, people getting rowdy in the photo booth! I may attempt to crowd surf.
MY: Lots of birthday debauchery. Lots of celebration. Lots of cake and balloons.

What is the ultimate Business Woman fashion statement?
MY: A good power suit.
AW: What Mike said but with KILLER heels + a firm handshake. For our party – anything goes! Some boys + girls show up in their Saturday night casual best. V-necks + sneaks. Portia Glamoor is always tits out + long legs. Brunch Club shows up in matching outfits. Or Heidi Brander shows up in a wig-du-jour. I’ll show up in sky-high power heels and faux lashes.

A bunch of people show up in your living room at 2AM for a dance party – what four tracks do you play IMMEDIATELY:
AW: Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light, Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At, Major Lazer – Jump Up (Laza Beam Remix), Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
MY: The Girl and the Robot by Royksopp featuring Robyn. Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Invisible Light by Scissor Sisters. Crazy in Love by Beyonce. It’s a dance party after all.

Is that the same music you play at this night?
AW: Close to. The DJs are way more killer.
MY: More or less. But it’s better because I’m not the DJ.

You’re always welcome________________
AW: … to shine however you want to.
MY: … to take your tops off at BWS.

You have no tolerance for__________________
AW: Negativity. Period.
MY: Negative energy or pretension. BWS is all about not taking yourself too seriously and having FUN!

If you were a toy, what would you be?
AW & MY: A doll with really great hair.