Call it the ultimate Canadian collaboration. Roots and Douglas Coupland have come together to create a line of Canadiana-inspired clothes, with enough pop and graphic imagery to make MIA and Rye Rye squeal for joy. The clothes are a take on the classic Roots style, but with a pop art twist-black and white leggings, tshirt dresses with test pattern colour bars, lap top cases adorned with re-imagined crests and jagged lines reminiscent of a Windows 95 screensaver. This is what the Olympic Team would wear to compete on America’s Best Dance Crew. Why the modern inspiration? Coupland says, “What really links Canadians together is that we’re far apart.” Drawing from the early ’60s, when television connected our giant country, he’s bringing these Canadian symbols into the future. Check it out at Narwhal Art Projects until July 27th. 680 Queen St. W.