1. An assortment of tank tops.
In my opinion, most men should never wear tank tops, ever. It’s just not ok. But, Ryan Gosling is not most men and, on him, a tank top is ok. It’s very ok. It’s better than ok. It’s been ok since the moment he – hoooo, excuse me, hard to breathe – took off his shirt in Crazy, Stupid, Love and revealed to world his perfect arms and chest. That shit needs to be shown off. Soooo, this is actually a gift for us, really. $19.00, American Apparel.

2. Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity by Judith Butler.
Since Gosling has somehow been made into the ideal sensitive masculine feminist, I figured he might want to bone up on his feminist theory. $22.61 on amazon.

3. A black and white print of Toronto by Ork posters.
So he has a little piece of Ontario to come home to. Aren’t I thoughtful? We should probably date. $25.00 from Telegramme Prints.

4. Tom Ford Fragrance For Men.
This cologne is described, as is Gosling, as complex and sensual. Just how we like our (completely unattainable) men (of our dreams) to be. $95.00 from Sephora.

5. A surfboard.
Purely because I want to see him wet, in a bathing suit, flexing his bod and riding mad waves. Just picture it (you are already, come on) and you’ll know what I’m talking about. … Right? $800 – $1500, from Saturdays Surf  NYC.

6. Two Around the World plane tickets.
When he wants to take a break from Hollywood superstardom and just get away from it all. My bags are packed, babe. $1599+ from Flight Centre.

~ Lindsay Tapscott