By Annie Webber

Well, it might come close. Start in on that pedicure tonight, and maybe do a few healthy squats/lunges/sets of stairs – you’ll need your sandal feet and walkin’ legs this Saturday. Add to that a cute-as-pie market bag and your best Penny Lane (à la Almost Famous) impression and you’re set. Pre-eee-senting, the stroll of a lifetime: Start out in dear old Kensington for croissants and cafés at Wanda’s and head southwest on Queen to the Drake Market -baked goods, hotel merch, antiques, and a freecycle table – Mmmmm and yes please! Once you’ve had your fill of the far west, start your northbound trajectory for Sonic Boom’s International Record Day in-store performances- Sloan, Adam Green, Meligrove Band, Metz, Buck 65, Valery Gore, Shit La Merde and jj. For dinner, may we suggest something homey and delicious at the ol’ Lakeview before swapping flip flops for crop tops and heading to The Ossington for your weekly dose of Friendship? Crawl home at dawn, but don’t forget to nurse the inevitable hangover at The Dakota’s Bluegrass Brunch.

Who says youth is wasted on the young? Time to round up the gang and take full advantage of the city!