by Heidi Craig
Nancy Drewblood, She-Kill O’Neal, Shania Pain: one of the best parts of Roller Derby (aside from the swarms of fearless chicks skating and shoving at break-neck speed), is the clever, carnage-filled names they come up with. Michelle Obomber? Jackie Onasty? Sigourney Cleaver? * The list goes on!

Devise your own Roller Derby alter ego, don an outfit of purple and gold, and come out to cheer on Montreal Roller Derby’s Filles du Roi as they take on an all-star Ontario team –Team Super Sweet, this Saturday, June 5th. Team Super Sweet is a special team made up of players from Tri-City, Forest City, Toronto and Hammer City – cause that’s what it’s gonna take to even try to beat MTLRD’s 2009 Champions – Les Filles du Roi – it’s going to be a sweet match-up.  

This is the first full-length bout featuring MTLRD’s FDR and it’s also part of the St. Ambroise Fringe Festival Montreal. There will be a half-time show featuring Dance Animal.

Tickets $15 at the door, or $10 in advance, available at: 
X20 – Rio: 3458 Saint-Denis 
Sonik: 4050 Berri 
General 54: 54 Saint-Viateur W. 
Local 23: 23 Bernard W. 
Phonopolis: 5403A Ave du Parc 
Soundcentral: 4486 Coloniale 
Excentrik Studio 4619 St-Denis

Full Throttle:
Saturday, June 5th, 6:30pm.
Arena St Louis – 5633 St Dominique

*Special thanks to Mira B.-W. and Allie C. for thinking up these excellent roller derby monikers.