Walking, talking, eating. These are my only real needs in life. I could honestly take or leave walking but often it’s necessary to get from one place of talking and eating to another. Such is the case with Savour Toronto’s Thanksgiving Food Tour in Kensington Market, the pleasantest way I can think of to do grocery shopping for the big T-givin’ meal. There will be history, meet and greets with grocers, and cooking tips and tricks. And, goddamnit, there will be snacks.

Not just snacks, even. This ain’t CostCo. Participants can look forward to a five-stop tasting menu of local and seasonal goodies, munchin’ and shoppin’ and learnin’ cool festive recipes. If you’re into it, and free from 11-2 onSunday, October 13, you can register to participate here. Think of the gouuuuurds!