Look Amazing for the Holidays with Best Body Bootcamp.

Next bootcamp starts Novemeber 16th, register by Nov 2nd and receive $20 off! (see end of post for special promo code)

Uh oh…it’s that time of year. First it starts with deciding to eat just one of the Halloween candies and by the second commercial of Law and Order SVU you are ripping open the entire bag and mowing down on countless itsy bitsy chocolates meant for trick or treaters. Whoops.  

But wait – that’s just the beginning. Next up thirty-six holiday parties that boast complimentary drinks, enormous cheese plates, chocolate fountains to swirl sticks of whatever into and Jager shots for a wee nightcap. Ugh – feeling full? TOO BAD!! From this point until 2010, the mailroom guy is going to whip boxes of truffles and irresistible fatty popcorn on your desk from clients coast to coast while your co-worker taps you with a Toblerone bar for the taking. You would eat a salad for dinner but have a date with Grandma for a festive special. Geez, I feel like a goose gizzard in gravy just thinking about the holidays.  

Some people assume that getting fit is reserved for bikini season or the kick-in-the-butt new year, new you.  Why wait until you are lethargic, feeling guilty and in a mad self-loathing panic? You have a gazillion parties to go to…get your body toned and feeling great so you look forward to slipping into the glittery holiday mini.

There is no better way to shape up in four weeks then to sign up for Best Body Bootcamp; Get Fit, Look Amazing, Feel Great, Have a Blast. Testimonials rave about its success– and with indoor locations all over the city, there is somewhere close and convenient in your ‘hood. TRY IT – because if you book now you receive a $20 discount – but I mean NOW ‘cause that offer is done November 2nd.  

One hour – three times a week and each workout offers a new challenge. Whether you are a newbie or a fitness fanatic, you will get the workout you want and need for overall body conditioning that will get you excited to slip into a sexy number for holiday gallivanting.  


Register now: promo code SDTC for discount.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 31, 2009

    That time of year?? Fuck, it feels like every time of year is “that” time of year… sign.

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