What better way to wish your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s than with a spooky/gory/kitschy homemade horror flick starring yours truly? Blue Sunshine’s Bloody Valentine filmmaking contest will allow all you lovelorn M. Night Shyamalans in the making to do just that. The catch? You have only 48 hours to conceive, write, film, edit, and submit your entry. Bloody Valentines: The 48-hr Horror Filmmaking Contest will kick off at 7pm on Friday Feb 11, when each team will be given a package containing a horror subgenre, weapon, prop and line of dialogue that must be used in your entry. Finished short films (8 minutes or less) must be handed in by 7pm on Sunday Feb 13, and all the films will be screened on Monday Feb 14 at 7:30pm, with jury and audience prizes for best film! Anyone, amateur or professional, can enter the contest and it is FREE to participate. The Monday screening, open to all, is regular admission.

Longer films, and late submissions will also be screened on Feb 14, but won’t be eligible for prizes. Email bigsmashproductions@gmail.com to reserve a spot (limited to 10 teams) and visit the contest website for complete rules.

Bloody Valentines: The 48Hr Horror Filmmaking Contest:  
Filming: Friday Feb 11, 7pm – Sunday Feb 13, 7pm 
Screening: Monday Feb 14, 7:30pm

Blue Sunshine: 3660 St-Laurent, 3rd Floor