Right now, Old Navy The Rockstar Denim is on sale for $19.99 a pair! RUNNN! There are EIGHTEEN different colours and these magical skinny jeans seem to fit any body type. Shedoesthecity writers met for an Old Navy The Rockstar haul and from 5ft1 Sonia to 5ft10 Jen, we were able to find a pair we loved. Naturally, once we selected our colour and fit we just had to find pleasing ledges and architecturally inspiring backdrops in the Toronto Eaton Centre courtyard to pose on like we’re in some Varsity chick-flick.

From our changeroom dance moves (video to come) to contrasting our colours with coordinated jumps and leaps, we are enjoying rocking out in our The Rockstar jeans and cords and love bragging that they were – whaaaaat???? ONLY $19!!

Sale happens until Oct 3; which colour will you rock? DO IT, WEAR IT, WORK IT, you thrifty rockstar goddess you.

CONTEST! Enter our Old Navy contest and you could win 7 pairs of The Rockstar denim! A different colour for each day of the week! Enter now.

Still need proof that The Rockstar is for EVERYBODY? Check the video from NYFW.

Last week, 1000 women walked the runway at NYC’s fashion week in Bryant Park and totally rock The Rockstar. Hosted by Jenny McCarthy, they came from Brooklyn, The Bronx, Florida….heck…even China! You gotta see this video to believe it! We absolutely love it. Rock it, girl.