The Second City Toronto presents Housewarming Party – A Comedic Fundraiser in Support of Syrian Family Resettlement.

In association with Project Toronto Welcomes and Friends of The National Yacht Club Refugee Resettlement Task Force, Housewarming Party is hosted by Kayla Lorette and Becky Johnson. This upcoming variety show features the talent of Toronto’s top sketch, improv and stand-up artists, all working to raise money for two Syrian families who are being sponsored to come to Canada.

Housewarming Party stars Ali Hassan, Adam Niebergall, Ashley Comeau and Carly Heffernan, Dave Comeau, David Benjamin Tomlinson, Alastair Forbes, Connor Thompson, Ashley Comeau, and Carly Heffernan, and more!

Event Details:

When: January 23, 2016 3:00 PM matinee
Where: Second City, 51 Mercer
Tickets are $20 and can be bought online or by calling (416) 343-0011.