September 20th is the Wheelchair Relay Challenge & stROLL Fundraiser for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

September 20th is the Wheelchair Relay Challenge & stROLL, a super fun event brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. SCIO is a not-for-profit dedicated to helping people who have sustained a spinal cord injury.

Wheelchair Relay Challenge & stROLL is happening at Monarch Park Stadium in Toronto (Lower Danforth area) from 9am to 1pm on Sunday September 20. They are celebrating their 70th anniversary, so come dressed to impress (i.e., in your finest bell bottoms, tie-dye shirts, disco dresses and other retro-inspired outfits).

The liveliest part of the morning is the Wheelchair Relay Challenge. Here’s how it works: Teams of eight people (both disabled and non-disabled) race in provided wheelchairs. Each team member takes a turn doing a lap on the track in hopes of being the first team to complete their eight laps.

To find out more about this awesome fundraiser and how you can participate, visit, or join the Facebook group.

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