Here are seven things we think might help your sex life. Hey, if it’s fireworks already then we hope you continue to rage on with outstanding orgasms and fun frolicky fucking.

1. Grab his balls more.
Guys like it when you grab their balls in unexpected places, like, a TTC bus shelter OR in the canned foods aisle in Metro. It’s a sneaky gesture that says, “We are going to do it after this.”

2. Pull a mirror in front of your bed.
Do it and watch one another. If you are bold you can both look right into it, or just casually watch him or her pound you from behind. It makes things hot and you will feel super sexy.

3. Communication is key.
When you want to have sex say, “I want to fuck you.” Or, if he/she is giving you oral and you know you like it a certain way, speak up. “Not so deep, higher, slower. Ahhh, that feels so fucking gooood. Mmmm.” It’s easy, sometimes we are hesitant to say this but it’s a turn on. Don’t be shy.

4. Date night.
If you are finding that your weekly schedule is loaded with BFF dinner plans, family obligations, work commitments or extracurricular whatever, then you might find ittricky to fit romance into your routine. Hey, that’s normal.

Be sure to book time for you and your partner and actually mark it in your calendar so you don’t end up wandering off to some birthday of a friend of a friend etc.

5. Lingerie.
It sounds trite but a matching bra and undies can be just the trick to give you confidence for a little show and tell. It’s also like a sign that you want to get busy. Most nights I rip off my clothes and just dive in bed but if I parade around in itsy bitsy lacey stuff then he gets the signal that I’m doing a show. It also does not have to be La Perla. Grab something frilly and fun from H&M for five bucks; a small confident booster.

6. Sensual treats.
For no real reason, bring a bowl of strawberries to bed with you. Or demand that your lover lick a spoon of honey. It’s sensual and will get the juices in your mouth flowing and in turn your smooches will be sweeter.

7. Strip Club
It’s not for everyone, but if you and your partner are comfortable, grab a nightcap at a strip club. In my personal experience, this always results in sex with a little more push and kink.