The best thing I saw at Fringe this year was a stripped-down laugh-out-loud-funny production of Much Ado About Nothing at Victory Cafe. The idea behind the performance? Shakespeare, straight-up: Done in a bare-bones style that let the amazing performance shine through. I liked it. A lot. I laughed. A lot.

Now, the company behind that sold-out Fringe run, Shakespeare Bash’d, is mounting a new production at 3030 in the Junction. They’ll be bringing their unique performance style to what is probably the Bard’s best-known play, Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare Bash’d aim to offer the audience new ways to engage with familiar texts, peeling away the layers of works we think we know well and offering new insight. What better foil than this classic?

It’s Shakespeare the way it was meant to be enjoyed: Strong performances, illuminating direction, and drinks in hand. Romeo & Juliet runs from Nov. 19th-Nov. 23rd at 3030 (3030 Dundas St. W.). Tickets are $15-20, and can be purchased here.