Aisha Addo is the founder and CEO of the Power To Girls Foundation and DriveHER Transportation Inc, a ridesharing service by women and for women in the GTA.

Aisha is one of the ladies hand-picked to be part of the dynamic panel at sold-out She Changed The Game, a women’s motivational networking event hosted by How She Hustles, happening this Sunday.

Get to know this millennial visionary who truly changed the game of safe transportation for women.

SDTC: How was DriveHER born? Was there a specific moment that sparked the idea?

AA: DriveHER was born as a result of my personal uncomfortable experience in a cab a couple of years back, but what really propelled me to put the idea into action was realizing that there were other women out there that had faced the same uncomfortable experiences and had even worst outcomes. It was an opportunity to create a safe space for women within the transportation industry and to also connect women with each other.

In your opinion, what are the top skills or traits you need to make it on your own / own your own company?

The one thing you would need of course is an idea and how it connects to you as a person. You have to be able to identify your big why. Once that has been discovered you will need to cultivate a great sense of leadership, resilience, patience and humility to be at the service of others. These traits will help you become relatable, which leads to success.

What are three lessons you’ve learned since starting your business?

I am continuously learning on this new journey and also opening myself up to new experiences. The three lessons that continue to influence me are:

  1. Patience.
  2. Humility.
  3. Never giving up and though the journey may sometimes be tough, you are made for something greater so keep pushing.

What’s your advice to young women who want to start their own business?

Find what you are passionate about; study it and just do it. You are never too young or too old to make a difference in society. The road to success can sometimes be bumpy, but once you have clear motives and a vision, you will be able to manifest everything that you have ever dreamed of.

Why is She Changed The Game important to you? What can audience members expect?

It’s an opportunity for women to empower each other, to learn from each other and to support each other. There are amazing women out there who have ideas that can change the face of society and I think a space like She Changed The Game will give audience members the push needed to manifest their visions. It’s going to be an amazing experience and every woman in the city should join us.

What are you enjoying most these days?

Reading and learning new things about women and people that have been there before me and immersing myself my networks.

What recent accomplishment are you really proud of?

Putting the concept and idea of DriveHER out to the community.

What’s your mini pitch to women who haven’t tried DriveHER?

We are special women and we deserve to get to our destinations in one piece. When one woman succeeds, we all succeed. Help us get our drivers on the road by supporting our fundraising campaign.

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