Leisa Washington was the first black female WNBA/NBA agent in Canada and the founder of Camda Sports Foundation: an organization dedicated to helping young athletes get the opportunity to realize their dreams.

We admire Leisa’s determination, grit, spirit, and strength. This Sunday, she’ll be participating in the dynamic panel at She Changed The Game, a women’s motivational networking event hosted by How She Hustles.

Get to know this headstrong leader who has cut new tracks, on and off the court.

SDTC: When you look back on your career, what were some of the most important moves you made?

LW: Never listening to anyone who said I can’t have more than one career in life. It was impossible to become an agent, work, be a mom, have a charity, write a book and more…because they don’t believe in themselves enough to champion their own dreams. I decided to walk away from people who carried their past with them and realized fast that someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to be reality. I wanted to be around successful people – whatever their success looked like to me.

What’s your best advice to young women trying to make it in the male-dominated sports industry?

Don’t let anyone change who you are. Remind yourself that you’re a woman, not trying to be a man – but rather, someone who understands just like a man does. Be confident. Educate yourself and consistently and constantly know your craft. Study the art of the game. Not every agent or female in sports wants what the next person has. Think bigger to the change that is needed in your field, and go ahead and create it.

What’s a lesson you learned that has steered your professional life?

I’ve learned that those intimidated by you will try their hardest to ignore you and make up a story in their mind of why they shouldn’t work with you. The process prepares you to hold your ground, so embrace every setback, challenge and closed door.

As a WNBA/NBA agent, what have been the greatest challenges you’ve faced in recent years?

Navigating a male workforce where men don’t want to build with you. Many are afraid to share what they’ve learned, in fear of what you can do with the same ammunition presented. I am learning to be STILL and realize it’s not a struggle. I can do my own homework, because this process will prepare me for the next.

Got a game ritual?


What are you enjoying most in life right now?

All the sacrifices have paid-off. I can make my own decisions and travel wherever I want to go. I impact people near and far, and it’s humbling to see. People going into their forties are winding down – I’m ramping up…in business and socially, and I can now have every opportunity presented that I had to suppress in prior years. My children are adults now; I don’t take this for granted.

What needs to change in the game?

Nothing should change. I’ll change the game in all the business facets I work in. People who want to make impact, change the game without wanting to. I don’t wait for handouts – anything is attainable.

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