By Julie Reitsma

It would appear that Toronto is finally getting some winter and, as always, we’re hungry. Not listed in any order, other than how they floated into our mind over the past few blistery (though deceptively shiny) days, the following are the comfort foods that we turn to when we can’t get to our mother’s tortière and the thought of cooking seems simply too tedious after exhausting ourselves staying warm against tunnel effect wind gusts. 

Pho at Golden Turtle – Granted, the décor certainly doesn’t scream cozy (unless you equate brightness with warmth), but the rare beef pho will warm you down to your toe tips and has been known to cure all manner of ailments ranging from sore throats to general feelings of gloom.

Baked-to-order Chocolate Chip Cookies at Delux – Does this really need any sort of explanation? Warm cookieness, as fresh as can be from the oven of one of Toronto’s most talented and ready to be dunked in a big old glass of milk. Happy sighs.

Anything on the liquidy side of the menu at RaviSoups – A massive communal table and soups that will make you swoon while warming your soul (think bisques spiked with truffle oil and wee edamame bathing in beef miso broth) has made Ravi’s our go-to for winter weekday lunching.

Chicken Pot Pie at The Auld Spot – the only complaint we can make about this is that it arrived so warm that precious dine-time was spent fecklessly attempting to cool it off. That being said, we certainly aren’t rushing to get back outside, especially knowing how rich the reward is beneath that pastry lid – foie gras brandy, smoky bacon and earthy veg all working together to make you as snug (and satiated) as can be.

Hot Chocolate from Soma – They describe them as elixirs and we’d tend to agree. The Mayan, top-drawer in our opinion, takes the whole “warm your soul” idea to the next level by cranking the heat with ginger, chili and spices.

We like to believe (tip of the cap to you, obviously reliable online weight loss forums) that we burn oodles of extra calories when the mercury falls – consider the above not as indulgences, but rather yummy necessities in our bodies’ battle to keep toasty.  Bon appétit!