Where else but Music Waste can you get five days of shows for only $15? Truly one of the best music festival deals, Music Waste showcases local bands in local bars. With the price, you really have nothing to lose.

As with many festivals however, it can be difficult navigating the schedule and deciding which shows to make a priority. Below are a few suggestions to get you started. Don’t forget though, the best part about an all-access pass is that you can leave if you don’t like something. Incorporate a few bands you’ve never heard of into your lineup and maybe you’ll discover a new fave!

June 1st

Comedy Waste at the Spectral Theatre. Check out local comedians Cam Anderson, Karen Pinchin, and Cameron MacLeod with special musical guest Dave Ward.

Vancouver darlings Joyce Collingwood are playing a midnight show at the Cobalt. These lady punkrockers are sure to tap into the old spirit of the Cobalt and have the crowd moving.

Oh no! YokoOh no! Yoko will be at the Railway Club to deliver a little dancey indie to the Music Waste crowds. Head over for a mid-week dance to start your festival experience right.

June 2nd

Comedy Waste at the China Cloud Theatre should be another good show, though China Cloud is less a theatre and more a loft space. Definitely stick around for the special performance by Chrissy and Ryry from the Too High Crew.

Check out the Defektors show at Vancouver’s newest live-music venue, the Electric Owl. Another solid punk choice, the Defektors tunes are entirely danceable.

Pat’s Pub is hosting two Vancouver favourites back to back: Teen Daze and MT-40. Teen Daze goes on at 10 to warm you up with some ambient electro while MT-40 brings it home at 11 with upbeat tunes.

June 3rd

Indie electro pop group Humans are kicking off the weekend at the Bilty at midnight. Stick around entrancing, energetic beats from Basketball at one. The combination of the two should be just right for the level of drunkenness that’ll be creeping up on you by that point.

Damaged Goods is combining with Music Waste to bring you more awesome bands at the Astoria (not to mention cheap drinks). Head down for Apollo Ghost’sone am indie show to finish off your successful Friday night.

The Shilohs deliver classic-sounding pop with a few modern twists. Check them out at the Electric Owl and guaranteed you’ll leave with a smile.

June 4th

Ladies and Gentlemen is back for a special Music Waste presentation at the Waldorf. Featuring local actor and comedian Ryan Biel and hosted by Craig Anderson, it promises to be a tawdry affair. Don’t forget to dress up!

Needles//Pins is playing an all-ages show for those high-schoolers who like to rock. If people born in the mid-nineties don’t make you feel too old, head to Anti-Social for some garage punk.

Back to Electric Owl for a little indie rock with Sun Wizard. Polished tunes with heavy pop influence will get you dancing and singing along (or pretending to).

June 5th

To wrap up the weekend the Waldorf is throwing a special all-ages party featuringCrystal Swells, Harsh Words, and Dead Ghosts. There’s no shame in sitting down for a few of these shows. You’ve have a long weekend, and you deserve a rest.

~ Meghan Roberts