With only a month left of summer, we’re determined to get the most of it… by doing pretty much nothing. The days always seem longer that way, no? This playlist is designed for laying in the grass, book in hand, all afternoon – and that’s exactly where you’ll find us for the next 31 days.

La Sera – “Devils Hearts Grow Gold”


Seapony – “Late Summer”


Houses – “Soak It Up”



Roads & Boats – “Anything Could Happen”



Teen Daze – “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” 


Thieves Like Us – “Shyness”



We Are Trees – “Sunrise Sunset”



Dirty Gold – “The Quiet Life”


Memoryhouse – “Sleep Patterns”


Summer Camp – “Ghost Train”


Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – “Blacks”


Tennis – “Cape Dory”


Cults – “You Know What I Mean”


Still Corners – “History Of Love”


Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream”

~ Caitlyn Holroyd