Slam it to the left, if you’re having a good time. Shake it to the right, if you know that you feel fine. Chicas to the front, huh huh go round. Hi ci ya, hold tight! Are you excited yet?! The Spice Girls songs are ingrained in the fabric of our youth as solidly as The Beatles must’ve been for our parents. Worldwide hysteria. World tours. For years, our world was a Spice World. I remember my grade school friends and I dressing up like The Spice Girls for our school talent show. I was Scary Spice. We would practice the moves and songs for hours in our parents’ living rooms before collapsing on the floor in a fit of giggles and costumes. Le sigh, those were the golden years.

Nowadays, we feel there aren’t enough opportunities to break it down to Wannabe. That’s why we are more than excited to announce Spice World: A Dance Party! Proudly presented by Shedoesthecity, coming your way this Saturday, April 20th at May (876 Dundas Street West). #SPICEWORLDTO! #SPICEWORLDTO! #SPICEWORLDTO!
It’s a full throttle night of full Spice Girls takeover and you can choose your own adventure. Purchase your advance all access pass online for a special Spice World viewing party. Doors will open at 8pm and the film will start at 8:30pm. All-Spice Girls-everything all-night dance party more your thing? Come for 10:30pm-onward.

DJ Midnight Society aka Paul Aguirre-Livingston will be playing the tunes all night. Prepare for an intergalactic, out of this decade, totally must platform-it-up dance party of all your favourite Spice Girls jams. Literally. The hits, the b-sides, the deep album cuts, the remixes, the rare, the unearthed, the solo stuff. HE’LL PLAY SHIT YOU HAVEN’T EVEN HEARD. Plus special appearances from your favourite bands of the era: BSB, NSYNC, ALL SAINTS, S CLUB, B44, WHATEVER.

Shedoesthecity’s resident photog Becca Lemire will sashay you in the door with a trail of Chupa Chups and pink glitter around every turn. And get ready to werk – Spice Girls themed photobooth will be in full affect. Omgomgomg, right?! Sew that Union Jack flag into a mini dress. Glue glitter to those platforms. Find a tattooed hottie to be your David Beckham date. Whatever the fuck you have to do to come to this party in full Spice effect, do it.

Everyone’s favourite custom nail mani salon Pinky’s Nails will be running a special Spice Girls nail booth. Details will be announced on our event page shortly, so stay tuned!

Spice World: A Dance Party! Presented by Shedoesthecity 
Saturday, April 20th at May
Purchase advance tix HERE!