We hit Gap on Bay and Bloor to try on duds from their new black denim collection. I mean, who doesn’t like black jeans? They’re like good bread! The essentials of life; you really can’t go wrong. But you can complicate them! Gap wants you to. Be creative! Take that basic dough and turn it into some aromatic focaccia loaded with herbs! Yummmmmmm. Or keep it simple, like a fresh baguette with butter. (Why are we comparing jeans to bread? I think I’m hungry.)

It’s not just the simplicity of this collection that we love, it’s also the ideology behind it. (Denim can have an ideology!) The ads feature women we love, like Angelica Houston, Elisabeth Moss and Zosia Mamet, with captions that read, “Dress like no one is watching” or “Let your actions speak louder than your words.” These aren’t revolutionary statements, but they are definitely words to live by. We love a dramatic outfit, but that isn’t what defines a person. (Oh, but how many designer labels and fashion mags want you to think that!) Anyway, sometimes the simplest things can be the most dramatic. Let’s be honest: black jeans are poetry.

But before we start to get all beatnik on you, let’s rewind to the change room. It was a party. After sifting through the black denim collection and finding our outfits, we decided it was most imperative that we march into the streets and strike dozens of poses in alleyways, park benches and even behind artistic water fountains. (Totally NORMAL thing to do!)

TIFF celebs…pffft, our group fabulousness on the Yorkville rock is far more exciting. Be yourself, #dressnormal and enter to win some badass black jeans NOW.

Focaccia anyone? I’m seriously hungry.

See the full collection here.