The Sheen for She Foundation kicked off their Love Box Project in May, and have already delivered delivered 500 ‘Love Boxes’ to women across the GTA experiencing poverty—some who are living independently, and others living at various women’s shelters, including Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, Juliette’s Place, St. Stephen’s Community House, Salvation Army’s Evangeline Shelter, Elizabeth Fry, and more. Now, they are on a mission to deliver 2000 more by December 2020.

“Each Love Box contains valuable items including food (enough to cover 2 meals and some snacks), hygiene products, make-up/skin-care goods, self-care tools, a letter of encouragement, and a Sheen for She t-shirt,” shares Mary Hawke, Chief Executive Officer of the Sheen for She Foundation. “Expensive grooming services exclude lower to middle class women from accessing the benefits of self-care. Exclusively preventing them from progressing in their professional and personal lives. This self-care campaign is a powerful expression to persuade women that they deserve attention, self-nurturance and living life beyond just existing.”

Sheen for She believes that self-care not only affects the way that other people view us, but also affects the way we see ourselves, which is why it is a basic human right that should be made accessible to all women – regardless of their class and financial status. We believe it too! One Love Box costs $60—make a donation today to support a Toronto woman who could really use your help.