Sitting down with the boys from Sandman Viper Command at the Audioblood 2 Night Stand at Rivoli

Sat down with local indie band Sandman Viper Command, the silliest boys on Earth, at Rivoli last week. I’ll let their answers do the talking. Band boys, L to R: Rob Janson, Dan Reardon, Aaron Harvey & Matt Meyer.

Describe your sound in five words
Chunky, thin, wet, slather and sexy.

Describe for me the best show you’ve ever played
Chunky, thin, wet, slather and sexy.

What’s the absolute best reaction you could get to your music?
Matt: If a girl screamed then passed out that would be pretty cool.
Dan: A successful business man wanting to fund our lives.
Rob: Yeah, a sugar daddy. No an angel.
Dan: Only moderate sexual favours in return for funding.

If you could score a film, which film would you choose? (Or… make one up).
Starship Troopers recut, or Jurassic Park. Scar-strip-troppers. Strippers with scars.

Which five cities would you include in a fantasy tour?
NYC, Tokyo, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Pyongyang.

Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane?
Aaron and Dan: Penny Lane
Rob and Matt: Stawberry Fields

Where/what does your name come from?
Rob: Oh, this again. Okay. We had a cauldron called Big Bubbs. One day Aaron and Dan told me to throw all this shit in it. The vomit of a streetsman. A dirty sock. Eddie Lee/Eddie Legal (the eagle) emerged, singing. He said, “SVC”.

How do you take your eggs?
Matt: Scrambled
Dan: Over easy
Rob: Poached
Aaron: Screasy

What is your ideal rainy day activity?
Thinking about how much we wanna go outside but then we don’t when it’s nice out. Smoking pot and playing video games and not feeling bad about it.

What is your favourite childhood television series?
Aaron: Animaniacs
Rob: Reboot
Matt: Looney Tunes
Dan: Spin City

What’s your best concert(-going) experience?
Aaron: I saw the Black Lips.
Rob: Dinosaur Bones at the Casbah. It spawned a lifelong friendship. It was very life-affirming.
Matt: Holy Fuck in Kingston
Dan: Shot Gun Jimmy at the Ship in Hamilton

Where is your favourite place to sing?
Aaron: Work.
Rob: In my head. I’m singing right now.
Matt: Car.
Dan: Anywhere that I’m alone.

You have $1000 and ten minutes to spend it. What do you do?
Hop on a phone and buy some drugs, turn it into $3000 pretty quickly. Then hustle that shit away. Or the casino. Or the track.


By Annie Webber

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