Slow And Steady Wins The Race No. 10 White T Shirt in Leather

Of this amazing white leather T-shirt from Slow And Steady Wins The Race, Chasse Gardee owner Daniela Bosco has this to say: “A white leather t-shirt, so good, right? It’s not supposed to be good but it is.” We wholeheartedly agree. Are you ever going to feel cooler then when getting dressed for the bar involves pulling one of these over a pair of jeans and hitting the dance floor? No. No, you are not. And even better: they also make a version in white lace, and one in silk. When it comes to something this delightful, there is only one more thing to say: Just do it.

T Shirt available at Chasse Gardee, 1084 Queen St W, 416-901-9613