We joined our local YMCA last December. I’m there every week with my son, taking him to either the indoor playground or attending the weekend Family Gym. We haven’t used the pool yet but enjoy having our snacks in the lounge area that overlooks the pool. (He especially loves watching water aerobics.) Do you know how many times I’ve worked out by myself since we joined nine months ago? TWICE.

Since becoming a mom, my concept of time has changed drastically. Meaning: it’s disappeared. Things I used to do on a whim and take for granted – pedicures, impromptu lunches, dinner dates with friends, heading to the gym or taking a pee on my own – all at once VANISHED. To be honest, I’ve always struggled with finding time to self-care, but the balancing act of motherhood and running a business has made it much more difficult.

I know that attending a yoga class, doing laps in the pool or working through my stress on a bike would do me a lot of good, but it never happens. So not only do I lose out on healthy activities, but I also get even more stressed out because I feel guilty! This cycle had to end, so I decided to start taking small steps to improve my routine and to make time for my health.

In a recent survey conducted by Centrum, it was revealed that one third (31%) of Canadians have a hard time finding time in the day for a workout because, like me, life just gets in the way.

When people actually do get a break from work or family responsibilities, it’s difficult to feel motivated. The survey also revealed that 44% of Canadians don’t make it to the gym because they don’t feel like it. Stranger ThingsOrange Is The New Black: I get it. It’s hard for anything to compete with the couch when our lives are busy and we’re exhausted all the time.

Whatever the excuse, the fall is a great time to make a change. Here are the small steps I’m taking to change up my routine for the better:

1. I’m scheduling the gym like it’s a work meeting. If I don’t lock it into my calendar, it will not happen.
2. I am supporting my health goals, including exercise and diet, by taking a daily multivitamin.
3. I’m dividing my day differently so that I book one hour a day for me. An hour to workout, go for a walk and be quiet, go to yoga or a bike ride – whatever! ME TIME!

When I’m taking care of myself I feel good, which ultimately boosts my overall strength and happiness. Feeling happy and strong makes me a better boss, partner and mother.

Life can be so overwhelming and demanding that big changes can seem impossible. Start with small steps; your health is the most important thing to take care of. Be your best self!

This post has been generously sponsored by Centrum but opinions are my own.