Have you heard about Snakes & Lattes “The Show”? Based on one of Toronto’s favourite board game cafés, this is Canada’s first ever board game TV show. The quirky sitcom is set to premiere at the Royal Cinemas on Wednesday September 23, on Bell Fibe TV1 on Thursday September 24 and on snakesandlattes.com on Sunday September 27.

This six-episode show explores a fictional version of Toronto’s most renowned board game café. Leading on screen are Second City comedians, Jaime O’Connor, playing a loveable, but gruff café owner named Max Packett, and Troy Matthew Martin playing an outgoing and persistent lawyer turned music producer named James Kacey. Also featured are Canadian indie / folk singer songwriter Beth Moore and award winning theatre director Scott Emerson Moyle.

So what’s it all about?

Max Packett (O’Connor) is happy to run his small business the way he sees fit. This is until James Kacey (Martin), an estranged friend, reappears from his past to seek Max’s help on publishing their board game brainchild from ten years prior. James, alongside a myriad of board game enthusiast-misfits, could rocket Max’s company to success or straight into the ground.

Snakes & Lattes “The Show,” inspired by the vibrant, diverse and expanding board game community, was created by R.A.D. Productions, the brainchild of husband and wife duo Drew and Ruth-Ann Dafoe.

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See a sneak peek of Snakes & Lattes here.