Head’s up! I’m chucking all my purses out the window and investing in a hefty wool blanket with a leather carrying strap like I saw last night on the runway at Soia & Kyo.

I’m thinking it’s the perfect thing for life year round. In the spring, you have a park party in your hand and in the winter you can wrap yourself up and keep warm. Best of both worlds. It promotes lounging on the go. It’s my dream come true and hopefully yours as well.

Otherwise the collection was practicality at its finest. If you’re into structured wool coats and turtlenecks then Soia & Kyo is calling your name next winter. Not an inch of skin will be exposed to the harsh winds with the knit turtleneck dresses.

What I was totally into was the lumberjack male models with the long flowing hair coming out from under their furry hats. Made me want to go frolicking through a lush evergreen forest, or something like that.

Overall, the atmosphere was lively but the music was just … off. The beats transported me back to summer 2011 which is all fine and dandy because last summer ruled but I was looking at a fall collection so it felt just all wrong. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and Stare into the Sun by Graffiti6 are just odd choices for a wintertime collection.

They say you learn something every day and yesterday, I learned two. One: there are two things in life that cause me anxiety and they are playing sports and dressing for fashion week and two: that I can bike with an over sized umbrella in my basket. I’m going to be so smart! 

~ Meredith Gilles | Photography by George Pimentel