This past weekend, Shedoesthecity writers congregated around a king size bed in a hotel suite at The Fairmont Royal York for a Christmukkah gift exchange and yummy cocktails courtesy of Pinnacle Vodka.

This French label offers a selection of yummy flavours across Canada, but we were particularly curious about Pinnacle Whipped Vodka now available at the LCBO for a reasonable $25 bucks. Unlike traditional fruity flavours, Pinnacle Whipped is the perfect mixer for frothy dessert martinis. Mmmmm!

Now, beyond playing secret Santa, we were all clad a la Cher Horowitz as following our hotel room festivities we also had a date at The Annex Wreckroom for our 90s Party: Clueless Edition. (HOW MANY FUN ELEMENTS CAN WE CRAM INTO ONE EVENING?!)

Taking a cue from Cher, I decided it was only appropriate that I order a decadent assortment of hors d’heuvres from room service to accompany our festive drinks. We paired our treats with a range of delicious cocktails. Feeling a little experimental, we tried mixing our Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with chocolate and cream, tested out a vodka-coke float (tastes better than it sounds!) and also tried a refreshing coconut-water pineapple cocktail.

Smooth, sweet and tasty: We enjoyed our inventive drinks while taking in the Toronto cityscape and shimmying around to our favourite 90s tunes. (Garbage, Weezer, Gwen Stefani and a little Salt n’ Pepa for added flavour.)

It was a seriously fun night and writers enjoyed gifts that ranged from lingerie to caviar foot cream. And we never say no to complementary vodka.



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